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Frequently Asked Questions: Projects

Why do you want to know our project/Grant details?

We will reference the project on all the relevant documents – quotation/proforma invoice, invoice, packing list and statements, to better improve your audit trail.

We also hold the relevant information for future requirements, so that when generating a new quotation/proforma the buying institute, the currency, the consignee, and the contact people are selected from a pre-defined short list, so reducing error.


Our project code is confidential, what can you do?

We can generate a generic project for your group, but this will then cover all projects, so we will be unable to provide project specific data. Documentation is sent to the group it belongs to, so the information is safe with us.


What project specific data can you provide?

A list of products supplied – what we call a project master list, sorted by categories, brands and alphabetically.

A transaction history, a list of invoices and any credit notes.

A financial statement.


We have a number of projects/Grants, how do you manage that?

We can hold as many projects as you require, you just need to confirm the project code along with the product requirements.


Our project funds are managed out of two institutions, can you handle that?

We can handle multiple buying institutions under one project, but you should suggest which will be most commonly used, and we will set this is as the default buyer. Any change from this default buyer is best advised along with the quotation/order request.

Whilst dependent on your project code length we should be able to include two institution project/Grant code references within our 30 character field.


What is the best way to send you our project details?

Download our Excel Project Template


Why do you ask for a project description along with the codes?

We are also interested in the science being undertaken.


What do you mean by delivery point in the project template?

This is the town or city where you would want the products finally delivered, which of course may not be where the funds or main project staff are based.


What do you mean by funding agency, in the project template?

The primary provider of the funds, eg. NIH, Wellcome Trust.


Why do you want to know the funding agency?

We are aware of some of the rules which funding agencies apply to the supply of product, so knowing the funding agency allows us to ensure we can provide services and enter contracts that fall within their guidelines.

Knowing the funding agency also allows us to aggregate data for statistical purposes.


What currencies can you supply in?

Euros (EUR), Pounds Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD) and sometimes Kenya Shillings (KSH) in Kenya.


We don’t have a project website, is that a problem?

No problem, a website may simply provide the background information in any easy way.


Why do you want to know the contact details of the people related to the project?

So that we always have someone we can contact should the primary contact be away. We may need this at the quotation stage, or later, for shipping information and documents.

Ideally we would want a primary and secondary email address, and a mobile phone number.