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Carramore International Limited

Frequently Asked Questions: Insurance

What does insurance cover?

Loss or damage.


What do we need to do on receipt of the shipment?

The carrier’s delivery note should be carefully read to check that it covers your goods, and the number of pieces. The pieces should be counted, labels checked to ensure they are all for you, and that no damage is apparent. If any pieces are not for you they should be refused, this and any damage should be noted on the delivery note, and if no copy is provided a copy should be taken. 

Check the consignment for temperature sensitive products and put them to the appropriate storage conditions, even if checking off is to happen the following day.


What sort of damage should be noted?

Physical damage to a carton, leaking liquids etc.


What do we do next?

Open up the boxes and carry out your usual goods received checking, it may well be that some external damage has not translated into product damage. If product is damaged, set out the details in an email to your Carramore order administrator, including any documentation you have.


Does your policy cover delay, when temperature sensitive product may be damaged?

No, delay is not covered as the parameters of what is delay are difficult to tie down. Instead we carefully manage the cold chain:

• from arrival at Carramore, where temperature conditions are monitored.
• through provision of special packaging.
• holding temperature sensitive cargo in airport cold rooms during customs clearance.
• refreshing ice bricks and adding additional dry ice.
• reducing delay in the system through understanding and managing the processes at each stage of the journey.


I have seen an insurance charge separately set out on a proforma/quotation or invoice?

In some countries (eg.Tanzania) inspection procedures demand that for a contract including insurance, which our contracts do, insurance is separately itemised, and so an insurance line appears on our quotations. However, the value shown is notional and is actually deducted from the airfreight charges, so the overall cost is unchanged.


Do you still offer insurance for shipments to Kenya when the regulation is that insurance must be sourced within Kenya?

For Kenya shipments we can provide the same cover but insured through Kenyan insurance companies, at no extra cost