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Infectious Substance Shipping


It is of the utmost importance to have complete confidence in the abilities of your chosen logistics supplier to provide an all-encompassing service for the movement of specimens from origin to destination. Such shipments require a full understanding of:

  • the legislation in place
  • the time-critical nature of specimens
  • effective air routing
  • the packaging, labelling and documentary needs
  • the shipping and storage requirements
  • outward and inward customs, as well as other agency requirements
  • reliable road transportation

Carramore International has been successfully moving such specimens for many years now and our staff are fully IATA trained and certified in all the relevant areas. Whether your needs are for shipments in dry shippers, dry ice, wet ice or ambient we can recommend and/or supply all the compliant packaging; as well as providing timely, cost effective and secure transport routings.

In order to assist you with shipping specimens we will require the following information:

  • project reference with a short description, please use our project template, which should include the following¬†pieces of data
  • full name, address and contact details of the shipper
  • full name, address and contact details of the consignee
  • full name, address and contact details of the buyer
  • a description of the specimens and their classification
  • the volume, weight and number of packages
  • condition under which specimens are being shipped; wet ice, dry ice, dry shipper or ambient
  • a complete set of permits required for import and/or export

Should you require Carramore to provide packaging please let us have details of your needs, which should include the description, physical size and numbers of specimen primary packages (eg. vials) and secondary packages (eg. cryoboxes).

Once we have the above information we will send you a quotation for your proposed shipment.

Successful completion of infectious substance shipments depends upon close co-operation between all parties involved. We at Carramore therefore only offer this service from the UK and to countries within which we already operate. A detailed explanation of the current shipping rules is available in our Knowledge Base.


For more information please see Frequently Asked Questions in our Knowledge Base.