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General Logistics

General Logistics


Carramore International is a registered IATA Cargo Agent and acts as the freight forwarder when cargo is shipped by air from northern Europe. As such we book flights directly with the airlines and deliver straight to the airline handling sheds. We also prepare all the relevant documentation required; this includes the cutting of the Master Air Waybill, the completion of Dangerous Goods Notes, the preparation of Cargo Security Declarations and the completion of customs formalities online. 

When Carramore act as the logistics partner by air from other regions of the world, or ship by sea, we use a variety of freight forwarding partners, depending on origin and destination, and on previous experience. 

Our ability to offer contracts on the same delivery terms as our product supply and logistics, utilising all of our experience and contacts, puts us in a strong position to offer the best service for moving supplies, especially for high value equipment, to your destination. 

In order to assist you with your shipping we will require the following information.

Once we have this information:

  • We will send you a cost estimate, as final packing specifications may change.
  • We will send you a final version of the quotation/proforma invoice as a pdf, this will usually be DDU place of final destination or be CIP destination airport. This is based on the final packing specifications whether undertaken by Carramore or another party, including the manufacturer.
  • You send or have sent a purchase order, and perhaps also a payment.
  • We generate the shipping documents, which may include some or all of the following:
    1. Air Waybill or Bill of Lading, generated by or for Carramore.
    2. Invoice covering the goods, this may be from your supplier or may be a list on your letterhead setting out the supplies, with the following product information: product code, description, pack size, quantity, unit value, total line value.
    3. Letter of Donation, generated on your letterhead, we can suggest suitable wording for the country of destination.
    4. Customs report, generated by Carramore for export and import customs entries.
    5. Packing List, generated by the supplier or Carramore. 
  • We email the shipping documents, and have the shipment delivered to the first airport on the journey, and then monitor the shipment to the final airport.
  • If the contract is CIP then Carramore‚Äôs shipping responsibility ends when the shipment arrives at the final airport.
  • If the contract is DDU then Carramore clears, or arranges clearance, delivers and follows the necessary processes for the exemption of duty and taxes.
  • If payment has not already been made steps are taken to make payment.


For more information please see Frequently Asked Questions in our Knowledge Base.