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General Logistics - Required Information

General Logistics - Required Information


In order to assist you with your shipment we will need to take some information from you. This information is required so that we can: create the shipping documents, book flights, repack temperature sensitive and hazardous products (where necessary), monitor the cold chain, and then finally to arrange the clearance and delivery to the final destination.


Firstly we require some general information about your shipment:

  • project reference with a short description, please use our project template, which should include the following three pieces of data
  • full name, address and contact details of the shipper
  • full name, address and contact details of the consignee
  • full name, address and contact details of the buyer

We also require some product information, ideally in Excel file format, with the following details for each product:

  • product code
  • description
  • pack size
  • quantity
  • unit value
  • total line value
  • condition under which products should be stored, if not ambient – fridge, freezer or ultra freezer
  • condition under which products are to be shipped, if not ambient: wet ice or dry ice
  • confirmation the product is hazardous or not, for air transport, according to the SDS; if yes, then the SDS should be provided
  • an overall estimate of the shipment dimensions and weights