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The Documentary

The best of BBC World Service documentaries and other factual programmes.

The Documentary

  • The Judgement on Mladic
    Mark Urban returns to Bosnia to examine the impact Serb General Ratko Mladic had on the lives of thousands of people.

  • Blind Man Roams the Globe: Berlin
    Peter White explores Berlin through the sounds of a city that is finding new and imaginative ways to mark its troubled past and plan for its fast expanding future. He is struck by how much it is still haunted by the past. He idles on street corners to absorb the voices around him and he is struck by a familiar lament: people worrying about how much longer they will be able to afford to live in a city with fast rising property prices prompted in part by an influx of foreign investors. His guide is a fellow blind-man, entrepreneur Erich Thurner, who shares the concerns as he contemplates his own future in Berlin.

  • Europe's Illiberal Democrats: Hungary
    Hungary is becoming an “illiberal democracy”, in the words of its Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The government has changed the constitution, electoral law, and refused to take its EU-allocated quota of refugees, while warning of a “Muslim invasion”. The European parliament is so concerned about the perceived breaches of EU values that it has launched a procedure that could culminate in Hungary’s EU voting rights being withdrawn. Yet Hungary feels it is on the right path, a path that others should follow.

  • Remembering Solidarity
    Five Solidarity members reflect on the movement that ended communist rule in Poland

  • Namibia’s Missing Millions
    David Grossman on the trail of Namibia’s missing tax millions revealed in the massive leak of financial data known as the Paradise Papers.