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  • Farming of the Future
    The Future of farming As the human population continues to grow can ag-tech developments create a more sustainable and efficient way of farming that will increase yields to cope with demand for food? Click looks at what farms of the future could look like; from fitbits for cows and robotic milking and growing crops without a human setting foot in a field. Are we looking at a digital agricultural revolution with highly technically skilled farm labourers needed to manage some of these automated systems? (Picture: iot smart industry robot 4.0 agriculture concept,industrial agronomist,farmer using autonomous tractor with self driving technology , augmented mixed virtual reality to collect, access, analyze soil. Credit: Getty Images) Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz/ Jack Meegan

  • Using AI to predict heart attacks
    Can beeps from hospital machines save lives? In hospitals across the world, machines attached to patients bleep away, flash across a screen and then disappear. But since 2013 Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children has been collecting this data from patients in intensive care. It now has more than two trillion data points in its virtual vault from forty two intensive care beds. It's just appointed Dr. Anna Goldenberg as its first chair in biomedical informatics and artificial intelligence to try and create early warning system for cardiac arrests and other life threatening events from this data. Can tech help the homeless? Can technology help charities helping the homeless in Brighton? That’s the question that the city’s Tech for Good group are asking by bringing local digital businesses and charities together to see how they can support homeless people with tech. Why start-ups are setting up in Mumbai According to a newly published KPMG report, Mumbai, India's financial capital, is now also a hot spot for start-ups. 14% of the 50,000 start-ups in the country are based there now. Quartz reporter and tech journalist Ananya Bhattacharya, explains why the city is attracting the companies because of money, a highly IT literate workforce and a large, and relatively wealthy, consumer base. Saving podcasts from digital oblivion In recent years we have seen a huge growth in the popularity of podcasts. However in light of digital decay, even twenty years from now, will the podcasts we listen to be lost? The Metropolitan New York Library council is aiming to help independent podcast producers protect their work against the threats of digital decay. Lauren Hutchinson reports. (Photo: Intensive care unit. Credit: Getty images) Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

  • Facebook’s Ad Transparency Questioned
    Facebook ad blocker Facebook has blocked parts of plug ins used by research groups who are analysing political adverts. Some of these organisations claim it’s now harder to see how ads are being targeted, Facebook argues its restrictions are about privacy of data of its users. Which is it? Melbourne Conservatorium goes digital The first music degree to be awarded in Australia was in 1879 by the University of Melbourne. Now the University's music school - the Conservatorium - in going interactive. Kenny McAlpine starts a new job there this week as its first ever Fellow in Interactive Composition. WIRED – learn about electricity through gaming Educational games are usually pretty basic – they just need to be slightly more fun than a normal lesson. Now researchers at Cambridge University have developed a platform game called WIRED that is available on gaming websites and can compete with commercial games. As well as being lots of fun it teaches teenagers about electricity – wiring circuits, creating energy by connecting fuel cells up and solving a whole host of other engineering problems VR at the National The Young Vic theatre in London was taken over by VR this week, with a performance of "Draw me Close" by award winning Canadian writer Jordan Tannahill. It tells the story of Jordan as he deals with his mother's terminal cancer diagnosis. Jordan’s mother is played by an actress whose movements are translated into the virtual world using motion capture while she engages with the audience member in the physical world. (Photo: Thumbs up and down. Credit: Getty) Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

  • Technology Use in Brazil Dam Disaster
    Can mobile data help in finding survivors of Brazil’s burst dam? Technology is being used to try and find the hundreds of people still missing following the country’s worst environment disaster. But is it too late? Turning Thoughts Into Speech For the first time neuroengineers have created a system that translates thought into intelligible, recognizable speech. By monitoring someone's brain activity, the technology can reconstruct the words a person hears. Eventually this technology could help people who cannot speak due to illness, communicate again. Social Media Knows You Even If You’ve Never Signed Up A new study shows that privacy on social media is like second-hand smoke. It is controlled by the people around you and even if you have not signed up to social media, your friends who have may be unknowingly giving away information about you. Writing Your Own Story Broadcast media is always changing - the way we consume it; how we watch it; where we can watch it. But what we have is linear media, the order is set and we just choose a slightly different way to watch it. But a new technology is on the horizon which allows you to change a story live during the programme. Our reporter Jack Meegan has been finding out more. Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz (Photo: Brazil dam collapse. Credit: Getty Images)

  • Zimbabwe Internet Back Up
    The internet is coming back up in Zimbabwe following a court ruling against the government, which had ordered telecoms companies to shut it down. Julie Owono, the executive director of Internet without Borders updates us on this and other internet shutdowns across the continent. Chess Against the (AI) Machine Natasha Regan, women’s international master and co-author of Game Changer: Alphazero’s Ground Breaking Chess Strategies and the Promise of AI, is live in the Click studio to tell us how this chess playing AI could create new medicines and even tackle climate change. Are Smart Buildings Safe From Hacks? This is a question that one major tech security firm has been testing. Elisa Costante, Senior Director of Industrial and OT Technology Innovation at Forescout, explains how our increasing integrations of technology in the building we work and live in could leave the structures and us vulnerable to hacking. Smart Cities for All Technology is improving city life, making it easier to get permits, pay fines, even catch buses, but can everyone use these innovations? The organisations Smart Cities for All is helping city developers across the world ensure that when they implement a new bit of tech that it can be used by everyone, no matter what their age or physical ability. James Thurston from Smart Cities for All wants to ensure that our ever growing urban spaces are adopting inclusive tech. (Photo: A wave of protest erupted in Zimbabwe prompting a security crackdown. Credit: Getty Images) Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz