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The Guardian - Man’s headaches due to tapeworm living in his brain for four years.

Wellcome History - When pregnancy tests were toads.

Schistosomiasis - Impacting Medicine through Art. Shelly Xie, a first-year medical student at the University of Texas, was awarded the 2013 ASTMH Communications Award for her outstanding sand art presentation on schistosomiasis. The award recognizes her unique presentations, which educate audiences about neglected tropical diseases. You can watch her presentation on schistosomiasis below: -


Avian flu scientists suspend work amid epidemic fears - Researchers announce 60-day suspension to allow debate about security of their attempts to prevent spread of virus. Read the full article at the Guardian.

Avian Flu and Censorship - Researchers at Erasmus Medical Centre are wanting to publish their NIH funded research in Nature. 5 mutations in 2 key genes has made their new strain of H1N1 more contagious by air transmission. Now the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity are asking Nature to redact some of the paper. Read the full articles at the Guardian and Independent news sites.

Science: From Cradle to Grave - In this programme, as part of the Generations Apart project which launches the following week on Radio 4, Ben Goldacre, medic and author of the Bad Science Column, explores the past, present and future of longitudinal research. How did these monumental long term-studies come about? What have we learned from them and what do we still need to know?

Science Betrayed - Dr Adam Rutherford investigates topical science stories.

Save our Seeds - Jonathon Porritt explores our agricultural biodiversity and how to preserve it.

The Origins of Infectious Disease - Where do the agents of disease come from, and what determines where and when new viruses and bacteria appear? Melvyn Bragg and his guests Steve Jones, Sir Roy Anderson and Mark Pallen discuss the origins of infectious disease.

Stephen Wolfram: Can he topple Google? - Stephen Wolfram had a dream: to invent a search engine that could work stuff out for us. Alex Bellos meets the scientist who might just change the way we use the internet. [Article]

Scientists of the Subprime - Could an understanding of biology have prevented the credit crunch? The complex world of banking evolved - and profited - thanks to the work of analytically gifted maths and science graduates. But when the crash came, something new was needed. Now banking regulators are turning to a different kind of science, asking if an understanding of ecosystems or the spread of infectious disease could help reform world finance. Ehsan Masood examines the role of science in the City. [Podcast]

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