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Category A


In presenting Category A substances for transport PI620 must be observed. The essentials are as follows;

The packagings must include:

  • (a) inner packagings, comprising:

  • leakproof primary receptacle(s)

  • a leakproof secondary packaging
  • other than for solid infectious substances, absorbent material, such as cotton wool, in sufficient quantity to absorb the entire contents placed between the primary receptacle(s) and the secondary packaging; if multiple fragile primary receptacles are placed in a single secondary packaging, they must be either individually wrapped or separated so as to prevent contact between them
  • (b) an itemized list of contents, enclosed between the secondary packaging and the outer packaging
  • (c) a rigid outer packaging. The smallest external dimension must be not less than 100 mm (4 in).

If the substances are to be shipped under Dry Ice or in a Dry Shipper the following must be observed;

Dry Ice

  • Carbon dioxide, solid (dry ice) or other refrigerant must be placed around the secondary packaging(s) or alternatively in an overpack with one or more complete packages marked in accordance with Interior support must be provided to secure the secondary packaging(s) or packages in the original position after the ice or Carbon dioxide, solid (dry ice) has dissipated. If ice is used, the outer packaging or overpack must be leak-proof. If Carbon dioxide, solid (dry ice) is used, the outer packaging or overpack must permit the release of carbon dioxide gas. The primary receptacle and the secondary packaging must maintain their integrity at the temperature of the refrigerant used.

Dry Shipper

  • Plastic primary receptacles capable of withstanding very low temperatures must be used. The secondary packaging must be capable of withstanding very low temperatures and in most cases will need to be fitted over the primary receptacle individually. Provisions for the consignment of liquid nitrogen must also be fulfilled. The primary receptacle and the secondary packaging must maintain their integrity at the temperature of the refrigerant used.

Before using a Dry Shipper it is important to determine that the Dry Shipper is approved for the shipping of Infectious Substances. Most Dry Shippers claim to be IATA approved. This statement however may only apply to the rules governing the shipment of liquid nitrogen. Because of their “dry” nature such shippers are exempt from the liquid nitrogen regulations. However the rules governing infectious substances apply and in particular the secondary packaging element. Many Dry Shippers do not offer appropriate secondary packaging. An internal stainless steel canister supplied with some dry shippers meets the requirements. Please check with the manufacturer that your shipper is approved for infectious substances.


You must use UN approved packagings and the completed package must be marked and labelled as follows;

  • Consignor and consignee addresses
  • UN specification markings
  • UN ID number and Proper Shipping Name of contents
  • The name and telephone number (24 hour) of the person responsible for the shipment
  • The Class 6.2 (infectious substance) hazard warning diamond

For substances packed in dry ice;

  • If dry ice is used as a refrigerant, Packing Instruction PI954 must also be applied. This requires that the packaging must be designed and constructed to permit the release of carbon dioxide gas to prevent the possibility of a build up of pressure that could rupture the packaging. In practice, the dry ice is contained in overpack with the PI620 specification packaging contained within. All marking and labelling must be repeated on the overpack if one is used
  • The net weight of the dry ice must be marked on the outside of the packaging together with UN1845, Carbon Dioxide, Solid which is the UN number for dry ice
  • Shipments containing dry ice must bear the Class 9 (miscellaneous dangerous goods) warning diamond

Category A substances require that a DGN is prepared which will accompany the goods together with the Air Waybill.

Please see an example of a correctly prepared UN2814 package.