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Frequently Asked Questions: Products

How do you ensure products have sufficient remaining shelf life?

We will always ensure that products will be shipped with a minimum of 6 months remaining shelf life where possible.

Some products may only be available with a shorter than 6 month shelf life, when we would ask if the expiry date is sufficient for your requirements.

Some short shelf life products, required on a regular basis, are best dealt with by setting up a standing order at the quotation stage.


It is important that as early as possible you discuss you expiry date requirements, so that you can either adjust quantities to match available expiry dates or plan from the beginning for split delivery of relevant products.

We are in the process of introducing lot and expiry date management within our system which we will see these recorded when we receive products, with this information being printed on the product label and also appearing on our packing list. In both cases we aim to help you with both inventory control and better record your lot changes according to GCLP. The process will be rolled out incrementally by vendor until all relevant products are covered.




Do you manage Lot Numbers and Expiry Dates?

We manage lot and expiry dates. This information is recorded when we receive products and is printed on the product label as well as appearing on our packing list. In both cases we aim to help you with both inventory control and better record your lot changes according to GCLP.


Do you have a product catalogue?

No, we do not have a physical catalogue. We have an internal database containing over 1 million products, covering thousands of brands, from over 2000 suppliers.


Can we access your product database?

No, at present the data is held internally but we are working on a development which will see access being rolled out, through our web site, for customers during 2019/2020.


Do you supply products from company x?

Yes, we should be able to. We do not have a fixed set of products. The nature of our research customer base means that we are adding new products and new suppliers all the time.

As an independent buying house, not tied to particular suppliers or catalogues, we are able to offer you more choice by sourcing directly from manufacturers and offering alternate products, where appropriate.

We will always add a new supplier and product to our system when the product is not generic.


What do you mean by generic product?

There are certain commonly used products for which we have competitive prices for good quality brands, and we would tend to offer these in place of other specific brands. If there is a technical reason a product should not be changed we can supply the originally requested product.

Examples of generic products are:

autoclave bags
biohazard bags
centrifuge tubes
faeces containers
filter tips
laboratory coats
latex gloves
lens tissues
microcentrifuge tubes
microscope slides
microscope slide boxes
nitrile gloves
PCR tubes
petri dishes
pipette tips
reagent reservoirs
serological pipettes
universal containers
weigh boats


Which companies do you represent?

Our primary role is to act as the buying company for the researcher, which means that we have a non-exclusive relationship with many companies supplying similar products.

Nevertheless, we have a number of key suppliers with whom we have a very close relationship, allowing us to provide the best package for the user and giving the supplier an efficient and cost effective route to countries they may not otherwise serve well.


How should we send our list?

By email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , ideally with an Excel file including product codes. Where possible codes should be those of the manufacturer rather than from a catalogue company, to avoid having to cross reference.


We supplied a catalogue code and you quoted another code, even though it was the same product?

We source most of our supplies direct from the manufacturer, so we show the manufacturer’s product code for the avoidance of doubt. In some cases, for example, when that code is extremely long we substitute our own code.


Can you send us a list of products to assist with our compilation?

Yes. If you are already a customer we can send you a list of products supplied – what we call a project master list, sorted by categories, brands and alphabetically.

If you are new to Carramore we should still be able to send you some suitable product data, if we know your particular area of work.


Can you supply hazardous products?

Yes we can, if they can be shipped by air. The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) confirms the transport details in section 14, and determines how we can package, label, document and ship.

We are an IATA cargo agent, which requires that we have at least two members of staff who are trained and qualified in the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requirements on Dangerous Goods.

We can also ship hazardous products by sea; however the cost is considerable and usually disproportionate, unless the quantities are very large, which is not normally the case for research materials. We would instead seek to provide the product in a form which can be shipped by air.


Can you supply products that require shipment under dry ice?

Yes we can, to all destinations. We use our own packaging and ship with a considerable weight of dry ice, the exact quantity dependent on the destination and journey time. We can, if necessary, get access to shipments during the journey and have boxes re-dry-iced.


Can you supply custom primers, probes and peptides?

Yes we can, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.


Can you supply radio-active isotopes?

Yes we can, if the destination country allows their import, and if there is an available airline which ships to that country - some airlines refuse to take isotopes, and this is set out in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Can you supply ethanol free from excise duty?

Yes, we can supply a number of ethanols, free from excise duty, from our customs approved warehouse.


Can you supply pharmaceuticals?

Yes. The sourcing, storage and distribution of medicines is a regulated activity in the EU. As we are based in the UK we are regulated by the MHRA (Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) and Carramore hold a Good Distribution Practice certificate and Wholesale Dealer’s Authorisation, which enables us to purchase, store, and ship pharmaceuticals.

The EC guidelines require that we maintain such products within their permitted temperature range from receipt through to the final delivery point, and to this end we use our regular packaging where possible, and qualified packaging when the conditions require.

All pharmaceuticals have their temperature recorded from arrival using our fixed systems, through temperature recording devices during their shipment.


Under what circumstances would products not be consolidated at your UK warehouse?

Essentially two types of product:

• Radio-active isotopes, which are subject to licence control.

• Large pieces of equipment, being supplied to us from outside the UK. We may arrange for such pieces to be shipped directly from the nearest suitable international airport to the airport of destination, reducing overall costs.


Are there any products you cannot supply and ship?

No, not if it can be shipped, by air or sea container, and the necessary export and/or import controls are met.


What sort of products are subject to export/import controls?

The actual products are determined by the country of export, although in general these products are discussed and agreed at an international level.

Products fall into 3 general categories:

1)Drugs and drug pre-cursors.

2) ‘Strategic goods’ including military and ‘dual-use’ goods.

The UK Strategic Export Control Lists taking details of controlled goods from several different sources, including the European Union (EU) and UK Dual-Use Lists, the EU Capital Punishment and Torture Lists, the UK Radioactive Sources List, and the UK Military List.

Whilst medical research may rarely require controlled drugs and never military goods, there are many chemicals which fall under the headings of pre-cursors or dual-use goods.

3) Products governed by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

As many of the products supplied by Carramore have an origin outside the UK, the controls pertinent to the country of origin also apply and must be considered.


Can Carramore assist with the licences required?

As the exporter we must apply for and receive the necessary licences. This will usually include sending documentation to the user for completion, often in advance of our application.

We retain all the necessary processes and documentation, nevertheless the process can still take a long time.

Such goods may also require import licences in the country of destination, and we may also be able to assist with this, or point you to the necessary authorities.